Franklin County Discussion Group

(also, please check out the Franklin County Message Board. It has over 31,000 messages and postings.)


I am also the list owner/moderator of the Rootsweb Franklin County mailing list and I would like to encourage you to join the list. There is just enough message traffic to be informative, but not enough to be overwhelming!

I M P O R T A N T !

Wait until AFTER you have signed up and received the official "welcome" message then

Email all of your queries, comments, or messages to They will appear on both the single and digest mode lists. This email address is the ONLY one that will work to post your messages to the list! If you post a message to either "request" email address, it will not go to the list, but will only go to the list administrator as a bounce! BUT FIRST, sign up per the instructions below!

You have two options for joining and receiving message traffic:
SINGLE MODE (you will receive each message individually as they are submitted) - send an email message to

DIGEST MODE (you receive one message about every 12 hours containing all the messages that have been submitted in that 12-hour period -- if any were submitted) - send an email message to

To send your message, just put ONLY the word "subscribe" [without quotation marks] in the body (required) and in the subject (if required by your email program). Once your message is received by RootsWeb, you will receive the automated "WELCOME" message. Then you can post your questions or comments to the list at

Note: Only people who are currently subscribed to the list will be able to post messages to the list. This prevents unwanted and untraceable postings.

You can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to the same address.

To Search The Franklin County List Archives

Click on the link below to search the MOFRANKL-L mailing list archives.

Once you are there, just enter MOFRANKL-L and then hit your enter (or return) key. Once the list comes up, just enter the surname or other search term that you are seeking.

Search the MOFRANKL-L Archives.

The Franklin County Discussion List Administrator is Sue Blesi.